hello – i’m renn. i'm a self-taught traditional artist.

my art generally features animals as the subject matter, as well as themes inspired by nature. i also enjoy finding ways to incorporate geometry and symbolism (some real, some not) into the things i make.

earlier this year, i started experimenting with various forms of traditional media, and now prefer to create my art with colored pencils, watercolor, gouache, and metallic ink.

when i'm not drawing or working, i like to swim, garden, take my siberian husky for long walks, read, argue with my cat, and play sandbox RPGs.

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q: what materials do you use for your art?

colored pencils:
faber castell polychromos

watercolors / gouache paint:
mijello mission gold class tube watercolors
kuretake gansai tambi pan watercolors
winsor & newton gouache

arches hot-pressed watercolor paper
stonehenge hot-pressed watercolor paper
hahnemühle grey-toned paper sketchbook

see my instagram highlight for a full list!

q: did you go to art school?

no -- i'm self-taught. i went to school for graphic design, and am currently working full-time for a brand agency. i will definitely say though, that having this background does help me in my art with things like composition and color theory.

q: how long have you been drawing?

i've been drawing since i was a young teenager, but i've really only been pursuing it as a more serious hobby for the last two or three years.

q: do you take commissions?

i don't. i've always had a really hard time with drawing 'on-demand' for people, and art has never been something i wanted to make a job out of. i plan to offer prints of my personal work in the future though -- stay tuned for those!

coming soon.